Vocal group DukeTime (Duke-Time)

Vocal group DukeTime (Duke-Time) - male vocal sextet - was formed in August 2004, current team since February 2005, the Group consists of six professional singers: bass, three baritones and two tenors. The choice in favor of a men’s group due to a number of reasons, one of which is the relative simplicity of the connection a voice saying the musical slang - "total sing"Originally musical repertoire of DukeTime consisted exclusively of folk songs. Later than folklore repertoire began to actively replenish the world of popular hits of foreign music, classical, jazz vocal and instrumental standards, hits the national stage, music dance genre.


Since the beginning of 2006 the band began to work actively to find and write the author''s hit. Group DukeTime works exclusively in an "a’capella” - it''s a musical direction, suggesting performance of musical works without the use of tools other than the human voice.

The purpose of the creativity of the DukeTime staff sees in the education of the listeners right musical taste and promotion of quality music, to which the modern listener can not always get access because of the dominance of "aspect" of the genre. Vocal group DukeTime in his work actively promotes Traditional Solo sound, never give up its principles of musical performance, and offers students an unusual and original vision of a variety of vocal and instrumental works. 

The staff is always in a creative search, introducing in his arrangements the most interesting musical material feeding techniques, combining different style of performance, mixing musical styles, genres and trends, using vocal innovations and developments musical copyrights. Vocal interpretation of a music cease to amaze even the most demanding audience.

A capella performance was widespread in the home of peoples of different countries, sacred music, many professional composers have used Traditional Solo sound in his work. In today''s musical culture a capella performance remained only in choral and classical music. On the modern stage is almost never used Traditional Solo sound. The fact that the song is a capella perceived by the listener as something unusual, exclusive, not obeying stereotype of the "light" variety music.

DukeTime Today

Today, the group''s repertoire includes processing and arranging music in a variety of genres. These are the nation songs, world classics, jazz standards, popular music hits, hits rock, Russian pop songs, modern popular hits, famous dance tunes and more - over 50 works. It should be noted that the group has a number of treatments in the repertoire and tranions of the vocal part of purely instrumental works and orchestral parts in classical arias. Separately, there are original songs, some of which the group has managed to remove into cool DukeTime clips. 

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